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Palo Verde National Park: Ecological and cultural experience

Palo Verde National Park is a protected area with over 45,000 acres. Part of the of the Tempisque Conservation area and one of the most endangered ecosystems in Central America, tropical dry forest.


It has 15 different kinds of habitats from mangroves to swamps, all home to thousands of animals throughout the year. During rainy season the Tempisque river overflows, creating the perfect habitat for the wildlife to spend their winter months.


Our tour begins with a 2-hour boat ride where you’ll see iguanas, crocodiles, white face monkeys, howler monkeys, herons and many, many birds.


Then, we head towards Rancho los Coyotes, an authentic, traditional Costa Rican setting where you’ll experience one of the best meals of your lifetime, guaranteed!! The organic, farm to table ingredients will leave you wanting to go for seconds. At the “rancho” you’ll also get to enjoy a small cultural tour with sugar cane extraction and coffee tasting… yummy!

What to bring and wear: 

Comfortable clothes and shoes

Bug spay 



Cash for tips

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